Parish News

Surrey Police issues Christmas Burglary Advice

You wouldn’t believe what we found at one of our burglary arrests! This letter was addressed to Santa himself. It looks like we aren’t the only ones planning for the holidays… burglars are too. Be prepared this Christmas and give yourself peace of mind that your family, home and Christmas presents don’t make the burglar’s […]

Become a County Councillor

Are you passionate about your local community? Would you be interested in becoming a Surrey County Councillor? If so, I wanted to let you know about some information that we have prepared at Surrey County Council for anyone who might be interested in finding out more about being a Councillor. We have recently updated the […]

Where should electric vehicle charging points be in Surrey?

A major concern for potential electric vehicle users is ‘range anxiety’, where drivers are worried about how far their electric vehicle will go before they need to recharge and where they will be able to recharge. In order to find out where residents would like to see charging points installed in Surrey, the University of […]

How do I recycle this?

Are you confused about recycling? We all know it’s the right thing to do, but with so many items that can be recycled it’s not easy to remember the right way to do it. That’s where the free Surrey Recycles search tool and app comes in. Simply enter your postcode and the item and you’ll get an […]

SCC invites you to influence budget priorities

Surrey County Council (SCC) wants to hear your views about how we should be spending our budget over the next year. SCC says “We have worked tirelessly to get our finances on a firm and sustainable footing, and are able now to make real choices to invest in our residents now and the next generation. We are continually […]

SES Water warns of possible need for restrictions in 2020

Issued 23rd October 2019 by SES Water Despite some recent wet weather, it may surprise you that over the last two years we’ve had less rain than normal. Combined with the last two summers’ heatwaves which significantly increased demand for water, our groundwater reserves are currently well below average, which could mean water restrictions are […]

M25 at Junction 8 – 2020 major roadworks

Update from SCC Cllrs Zully Grant-Duff and Jeff Harris Following two very extensive meetings with Highways England to discuss the above, its implications on local traffic and to put forward local residents concerns, I’m writing to give you an update. Highways England are the organisation responsible for the project implementation (design and actual work) on […]

Environment Agency Consultation

Water Challenges and Choices Consultation – Have your Say The EA has launched a consultation seeking your views on the challenges our waters face and the choices we all need to make to improve and protect this vital and precious resource.   Your responses to this consultation will help shape the future approach to managing the water […]

Planning for a May Village Fair underway in Buckland

Buckland villagers met recently to start to put in place plans for a traditional village fair on 8th May 2020. Debbie Jones would welcome any ideas, suggestions and offers to help. Click here to contact Debbie. If you would like to come along to the next planning meeting please keep the evening of Monday 20th […]

Help to improve the state of the highways and rights of way……..

Please report any problems you encounter on our local roads and pavements to ensure SCC and its contractors are given the opportunity to address any problem at the earliest opportunity.  To report a problem, visit the SCC website and click the Report it tab or call 0300 200 1003. To report a problem visit the […]