Buckland Nurseries

Buckland Nurseries was established as a family run garden centre business over 150 years ago.  David and Linda Hogg

The business was founded by Thomas Hogg in 1865 and has continued through six generations of the Hogg family into the hands of David and Linda Hogg (pictured alongside). 

Buckland Nurseries stocks a wide range of perennials, trees, shrubs, bedding plants, roses, herbs, garden sundries, tools, turf, seeds, paving and gravels and the friendly team looks forward to giving you a lovely welcome when you next visit their traditional Garden Centre. 

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December Garden Notes

It’s easy to neglect the garden with all the excitement of Christmas, but a few simple steps on dry days in December can prepare well for the new year ahead:

– Keep sweeping leaves off lawns. Grass has suffered enough this year without have a thick layer of leafy mulch crushing it down all winter.  Aerating will help, especially in the wettest areas;

– Pathways should also be regularly swept of debris. Algon or Jeyes fluid will clean up slippery surfaces;

– Fleece up any tender specimens. Wind damage can cause as much damage as hard frosts, so beware!  If we have snow this winter, tie up and wrap cordilines and phormium to stop their crowns rotting;

– Cut back any diseased or damaged branches. Also, dead-leaf any remaining perennials to tidy them up before new growth starts appearing; sedums may already be producing new shoots for next year.  Good husbandry around box plants is essential to guard against box blight – check soil for dead foliage and top up with a good compost if necessary;

– Continually damp and soggy ground can be a risk to many plants, especially alpines. Use plenty of grit around the plants to aid drainage. This should help to prevent root rot. Check that any alpine pots have adequate, unblocked drainage holes. You could also rig up a simple glass or plastic covering, or a polythene frame, to fit over your alpine bed;

– When over-wintering plants in a greenhouse, throw open the doors and vents on a dry and (relatively) warm day to prevent mildew and fungal growth from catching hold. Any bulbs and tubers should be stored away from damp in sawdust or dry compost;

– Plan now for seed sowing in the spring. Wash tools, pots and trays ready for a fresh new start in 2019.

David Hogg
Buckland Nurseries