Community Transport Services

Mole Valley Community Transport and Dial-A-Ride is for all residents in the district with mobility problems who are unable to use public transport but still want independence.

This versatile service is designed to support your independence and enable Mole Valley residents who are disabled and cannot use public transport, or aged above 60 and require Day Centre transport, to travel within the district and neighbouring areas.

Each vehicle has lifts for wheelchair users and others who have mobility problems. The drivers will be there to assist you, whatever your disability.

The service runs daily, including weekends, between 9am and 4.45pm and operates on a first come, first served basis.

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The East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership (“ESRTP”) is a registered charity whose aim is to improve access to transport services in the east Surrey area, for those who because of age, physical disability, geographic remoteness or lack of available public transport cannot make the journeys that they need to undertake a range of day to day activities that most would consider to be normal.  ESRTP prides itself on responding to local need and the ESRTP staff are always willing to discuss any transport difficulties you may have. Whilst they do not claim to have all the answers they emphasise that they are keen to work with local people to resolve transport problems.