Buckland Bridge Club is a small, friendly club, designed originally for novices but now catering for more experienced players.


A senior bridge club meets in the Reading Room, to play duplicate bridge, each Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. For less experienced players there is a junior bridge club that meets in the Reading Room each Tuesday afternoon.

The Clubs continue to grow in size, and the senior club has recently invested in electronic scoring equipment, which takes a lot of the tedium out of scoring and allows us to see the results on the computer immediately all the hands have been played.

If you are thinking of coming along to either of the club sessions for the first time or would like to discuss your options please either send an email to Richard Wheen or call Richard on 01737 842082.

For more information about Buckland Bridge Club please visit their website.

If you would like to join a group to learn how to play bridge lessons aimed at beginners, are sometimes offered by East Surrey College. Lessons are not currently offered in Buckland.