Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Brockwood Medical Practice Patient Participation Group
25th February 2021

I thought patients would benefit from an update about the process for the second jab as the daily numbers nationally increase. Like the first jab, the Practice will take the initiative.

Nationally, the delivery of vaccinations has been divided into waves. Wave 1 have taken delivery and started to administer their 2nd dose. Brockwood is in wave 4, and their 2nd dose will be available around 26th March – 4th April (11th or 12th week).

Epsom give out the second date with the first appointment date. It is an automated service although like Brockwood they do not have a delivery schedule for their 2nddose as yet. Brockwood patients are dealing with humans, so they know that the dates given out will definitely be the dates when we will have deliveries and can vaccinate.

Brockwood is starting the process of consideration and planning on how the second dose will be managed. As when this programme is established you will of course be informed.

The Practice has been notified that they will only be able to give the 2nd dose to the patients they gave the 1st dose to, so anyone that has been to Epsom or elsewhere for their 1st dose will need to return to that venue for their 2nd

This has to be the case as the Practice will receive the same number of doses as they did for the first wave. Sadly, some patients may have died and some moved out of the area. Conversely, some patients have moved into the area.

All patients that had an appointment with Brockwood were entered onto the national appointment and vaccination register. Medical records of patients will be updated and the Practice will be able to easily identify patients for their 2nd dose. To ensure no patient is missed, we have clinic lists from the 1st dose, which will enable cross checking.

Volunteers are not currently being used as the cohort of patients we are currently inviting in, have a lot of questions to ask. We are hoping to use the BERT volunteers to help with making appointment for the 2nd dose. The need for volunteers becomes obvious when you consider there are 12,000 patients, two inoculations, the flu jab in the autumn and possibly a third Covid jab! That is a lot of telephone, text and email time! (Of course, some patients have been using Epsom).

Opportunities are being considered for BERT volunteers in non-sensitive roles. Their use as marshals at Medwyn and Brockham have been very well received by patients and staff. Patients can be assured that any volunteers are and will be chosen with care, they sign a confidentiality agreement and the need not to discuss what they see and learn is emphasised. 

Robert Bartlett, Chairman, Brockwood Patient Participation Group

Visit the Surrey Heartlands Vaccination programme website pages for information on the local rollout and to read the latest updates

Click here for more information about coronavirus vaccination.

February 8, 2021
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