GWR : North Down Line Update

Great Western Railways (who operate trains on the North Downs Line) recently expressed its commitment to supporting customers returning to work and making leisure journeys by rail. 

The company recently issued a film made by Interim Managing Director Matthew Golton and issued a statement about travelling safely over the summer.

In the statement, GWR explains that services used by high numbers of school students would all be operational by the end of August so that will be in place ready for the start of term and that there would then be a further increase in services from Monday 14 September.

On the North Downs line, GWR has now increased services on Saturdays and during some off peak weekday hours to fulfil their promise to run three trains per hour between Reading and Redhill.  

GWR aspires to extend the three trains per hour service; in the first instance to include further off peak weekday services. Once improvements to platforms at Gatwick Airport have been completed GWR will look to extend the services through to the airport and to introduce additional peak services.  

August 10, 2020
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