Where should electric vehicle charging points be in Surrey?

A major concern for potential electric vehicle users is ‘range anxiety’, where drivers are worried about how far their electric vehicle will go before they need to recharge and where they will be able to recharge. In order to find out where residents would like to see charging points installed in Surrey, the University of Surrey are carrying out a survey.

Switching to electric vehicles in Surrey

Installing more charging points would help to alleviate ‘range anxiety’ and encourage more Surrey residents to make the switch to electric vehicles, which would have benefits for the environment such as improved air quality and reduced noise pollution.

What will the survey ask?

The survey is being used to gather data on where Surrey residents would like to see charging points installed to be of maximum benefit to them. This includes whether electric vehicle drivers and would-be drivers prefer to charge at home, roadside or while out and about i.e. shopping.

Please share your views regardless of whether you currently drive an electric vehicle. The closing date for responses is 15 December. Please complete the five minute electric vehicle charging point survey.

December 1, 2019