Shell Buckland

When the MVDC Development Management Committee met on Wednesday 7th August 2019 application MO/2018/1848 was approved subject to conditions.

When Buckland Parish Council met on 8th July 2019, Council recorded its disappointment that neither SCC nor MVDC appeared to have been able to identify a means to require Shell to undertake transport surveys as part of the planning process.

The Parish Council noted that as SCC had been unable to source any statistical data for sites comparable to the proposed development of Buckland Shell that their planning officers had concluded SCC had no evidence to suggest highways safety will be undermined or to challenge the adequacy of on-site parking provision.

Residents are encouraged to follow the advice given by Surrey Police when they attended a parish council meeting held on 25th April 2019, a meeting that focused on this application:

  • if your vehicle incurs damage when parked in Tranquil Dale, submit a report to the police (unless details are exchanged at the time of an incident,  a failure to report an incident causing such damage is a crime);
  • if you have photographic evidence (whether dashcam footage or photos taken using a camera or phone) of an incident, use the Surrey Police on-line tool to submit a report;
  • if you feel threatened by another driver call 999;
  • if you are concerned about highways safety submit a report to SCC Highways – click here.

If you do submit a report to SCC please share your concern with SCC Cllr Helyn Clack who continues to advise residents “I am happy to help directly if you email me“.

Licensing – Shell has also submitted an application for a new premises licence for the proposed new retail store – click application, indicative store plan, current licence and guidance to download additional information. Shortly after the consultation period closed (25th April 2019), MVDC advised that having received 32 representations its Licensing Sub-Committee will be asked to decide whether to grant the license.

Negotiations between a representative for a number of residents of Tranquil Dale, the parish council and an agent for the applicant have led to ten conditions being agreed between the parties and the Licensing Team at MVDC. Many of the objections have now been withdrawn – subject to the ten conditions being applied to the licence.

The MVDC Licensing team has advised that unless all 32 objectors withdraw their objection a hearing, requiring a meeting of the Licensing sub-committee will need to be arranged to consider the application. Latest expectation is that such a meeting would most probably be held in September 2019.

August 8, 2019