Is your vehicle safe – take steps to prevent relay theft

Vehicles fitted with a smart or passive key are susceptible to relay theft. This key system allows you to gain entry and start your vehicle without the need to interact with your vehicle’s key. Criminals use specialist equipment that has the ability to grab the signal from the car to the smart key so that it appears to the car that the key is present. Your vehicle is most vulnerable overnight, particularly if parked on your driveway or directly outside your home.

How to prevent relay theft: When not in use – either at home or when out and about – store your key in a security pouch. Security pouches are sometimes termed Faraday bags or signal blockers or shields, and there are many security-rated versions on the market. These pouches will prevent the signal from your vehicle being captured using electronic devices. Remember to secure your second, spare key in a separate security pouch.

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Message issued by Mole Valley Police

March 1, 2019