Surrey Train Stations to Accept Contactless Payments?

The Department of Transport has launched a consultation to learn whether residents in Mole Valley (and across Surrey) would like the railway stations in the county to accept contactless payment in the future.

If introduced, the new contactless payments would allow for more seamless travel on Rail and Transport for London (TfL) services. As with all new technologies, the introduction of contactless payments will allow for a revised ticket pricing structure to be introduced … and the consultation also asks about residents views on changes to ticket prices with some fares potentially increasing and others potentially reducing whilst the total fares paid by all passengers remains the same.

In particular, the cosultation asks questions about the following options.

  1. Introducing additional Travel Zones (as with London Underground) covering stations as opposed to tickets being priced, as at present, on a station to station basis. Dorking, for instance, would potentially be in the same zone as Guildford and Redhill with prices from all these stations brought into line with each other (with some fares increasing whilst others decrease, and with no account taken, say, of the difference in journey times into London).
  2. Introducing mix and match off peak fares, allowing travellers who travel one way peak time and the other way off peak to take advantage of an off peak fare for the off peak journey (with, no doubt, those travelling at peak times both ways paying more).
  3. Introducing a weekly cap on fares so that everyone will know the maximum that they would have to pay.
  4. Introducing a greater differential between a “super off-peak” fare and a “peak” fare.
  5. Reforming the relative pricing levels of daily and weekly tickets so that those only travelling on a few days a week – such as part time workers – only need to purchase the travel that they want to use and do not find it cheaper to buy a weekly ticket (at present it can be cheaper for someone travelling three days a week to purchase a weekly ticket). This would involve increases to the prices of weekly tickets and a reduction in the price of a daily ticket.
  6. Making all fares the same whatever operator runs trains on the line (ie removing the Southern discount on the Dorking – London route when a traveller commits to only using Southern trains and avoiding London Waterloo).

If you want to give your views on this, please click here. The consultation is open until 1 May 2019. If this does or might affect you, please make sure your views are heard!

March 12, 2019