Buckland Nurseries

Buckland Nurseries was established as a family run garden centre business over 150 years ago.  David and Linda Hogg

The business was founded by Thomas Hogg in 1865 and has continued through six generations of the Hogg family into the hands of David and Linda Hogg (pictured alongside). 

Buckland Nurseries stocks a wide range of perennials, trees, shrubs, bedding plants, roses, herbs, garden sundries, tools, turf, seeds, paving and gravels and the friendly team looks forward to giving you a lovely welcome when you next visit their traditional Garden Centre. 

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May Garden Notes

Now that the gardening season is in full swing, here are a few tips to keep your garden in tip-top condition in May.

Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well-watered, especially bare-rooted or root-balled plants. They can easily dry out during their first season before the roots have established.

Check regularly for pests and diseases. On apple and plum trees, pheromone traps will help to reduce codling moth and fruit moth activity. Roses are likely to need spraying fortnightly against blackspot and mildew. Vegetables are also vulnerable; fleece or re-useable enviromesh will help to keep bugs away.

Weeds are now in competition with young plants, taking nutrients, space and water. At the very least, hoe over beds before they begin to take over.

Start a regular programme of feeding, in particular for plants in pots. Look out for yellowing leaves – that usually means “I’m hungry”!

Harden off tender plants by leaving them outside during the long daylight hours, and bringing them in at night if the temperature is due to drop below 10 degrees C. Many bedding plants will tolerate lower temperatures for a while, but leaves can become scorched. Follow the weather forecast, but usually we are safe from cold nights by mid-May.

Plant up hanging baskets. As well as the usual favourites of fuchsia, lobelia, geranium, and petunia, try a herb basket full of your own choice of edibles such as thyme, rosemary, mint, and basil. Tumbling tomatoes and strawberries will also fruit well when trailing.

David Hogg

Buckland Nurseries