Surrey Police

Surrey Police tell us they would rather investigate a suspected burglary than be called when it’s too late, so if you see something suspicious in action in your street, dial 999 to let them know.

Is it nothing? Or is it the information we need to catch a burglar?  By working closely with the public to gain information about suspicious activity, our Police can increase the intelligence they use to actively hunt and catch burglars.  Suspicious activity could be:

• Jumping over walls or fences
• Hanging around a house
• Suspicious selling of goods
• Peering through windows or doors
• Running from a scene

Burglary has significantly reduced locally, helped by Surrey residents protecting themselves by securing their properties, ensuring doors are locked, and lights are left on. However, even with this decrease, we still want Surrey to be a no go area for potential burglars.

Love your stuff? Register it! – Registering your belongings free with Immobilise improves your chances of getting it back if it is lost or stolen, and can also help our Police track and catch those responsible if you are burgled. Visit immobilise and create a FREE private and secure list of all your personal property.

If you think you may have any other information that could help the Police, dial 101, report it online or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Cold Callers

Please keep in mind that if cold callers don’t get any sales in your area, they are less likely to return.They are doorstep callers who target areas offering small household products for sale. Sometimes called ‘Nottingham or Brighton Knockers’ these callers may claim to be ex-convicts attempting to mend their ways, however Knockers are not part of any recognised rehabilitation scheme.

Please warn your neighbours, particularly elderly or vulnerable neighbours, not to open the door to strangers or buy or sell on the doorstep. Some doorstep callers may offer poor quality goods at inflated prices and if a caller is not genuine, they may be gathering information for future crime.

Visit this page of the Surrey Police website for further information.

Bogus Workmen

Bogus workmen turned up to an address in Bookham in early January 2018 and an OAP handed over a large amount of cash for materials – the men disappeared and never returned.

Bogus workmen can be very persistent in persuading you that urgent work needs to be carried out on your property. Our advice is: Never agree to have work done by someone who turns up on your doorstep. Say no.

Keep an eye out for vulnerable neighbours including the elderly and report any suspicions of bogus callers to police.  Refer to this page of the Surrey Police website for further information.

Click Surrey Police – Crime Prevention to read recently issued advice from our local crime prevention team and click Surrey Police  to access more guidance on home and garden security.