SES Water – our water supply company

SES Water (“SES”) can trace its origins back to the mid 19th century, when Victorian engineers began to supply water direct to people’s homes and continues today to serve Buckland as one of the UK’s smallest supply-only water companies.  During the five years leading up to 2015 SES has invested more than £100M to help secure supplies and improve network resilience.  This has included a major upgrade of their Bough Beech treatment works; a new water main along the A217, and a new strategic main between Outwood and Buckland.

SES continues to invest in the renewal of its network of water supply pipes and is proud to have one of the lowest leakage levels in the industry.  If you spot a leak please click report it to help SES to take prompt action or, if you prefer, 01737 772000.

Water – be water wise

The SES supply area is within the driest and most densely populated part of the UK and the average domestic consumption rate is currently 160 litres per person, per day.  SES is encouraging us all to play our part to help preserve supplies and asks you to consider:

Could you save money by installing a water meter?

Use the SES online water energy calculator to find out if you could save money having a water meter. To apply, please call SES 01737 772000 or apply online. Click water meters to find out more.

Are you making the most of SES offers to help you use less water?

SES customers can order a free water saving pack that includes a Bubblestream kitchen tap attachment and an aerated showerhead.  Click save water  to order your pack today.

Draft drought plan for the period 2018 to 2023

SES has now published its draft drought plan for the period 2018 to 2023 for consultation. 

The consultation period runs from 23 October for eight weeks until 15 December 2017.  The consultation covers the draft drought plan and associated appendices.

The plan sets out the steps SES would take during drought periods to continue to deliver water supplies to customers whilst considering the needs of the environment.  This plan is a revision of the plan published in 2013, and includes how SES would manage more severe drought events than previously considered.

The draft plan was submitted to Defra in the summer and they confirmed SES can begin their consultation.  A copy of the drought plan can be download by visiting this page of SES’s website.  The plan does not contain any information that would compromise national security, and nothing has been included or removed that is commercially confidential.

You can also view the plan at SES’s offices at London Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1LJ.  Please email to arrange an appointment if you would like to view these.

Comments (representations) can be made to the Secretary of State by email to or by post to:

Secretary of State, Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Drought Plan Consultation

Water Resources

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Area 3D

Nobel House

17 Smith Square

London SW1P 3JR

The Secretary of State will forward all comments onto SES. SES will review the comments received and publish a Statement of Response by 2 February 2018.

SES Support Scheme

If you pay your water bill to SES or to a housing association and are experiencing financial difficulty you may be eligible for a 50% reduction in your water charges.

Conditions do apply but, if you or your partner are in receipt of one or more means tested benefits or your household income is less than £16,105 and you are over the age of 61, are registered disabled or have parental responsibility for a child under the age of five, please click click SES Support Scheme or call the SES Customer Services Team on 01737 772000 to find out more.

SES Helping Hands Scheme

SES offers a range of serviced as part of their Helping Hands Scheme – click here to find out more.

Rainfall data                                               

Our local water supply company has been measuring the amount of rainfall at the Head Office site in Redhill since 1910.  Click water resources to see the latest updates that include recently reported water levels in the SES Bough Beech reservoir and in the Wellhouse borehole.

If you would like to explore further the EA (Environment Agency) publishes monthly water situation reports and weekly rainfall and river reports.

Sewerage Services

Buckland is provided with sewerage services by Thames Water and the charges levied are included within the bills issued by SES.  Click Thames Water to find out more.