Choral Society



The Buckland & Betchworth Choral Society rehearses each Wednesday (19:45 to 21:45hrs) in Betchworth Village Memorial Hall, Station Road, Betchworth, RH3 7DJ, which is easy to find, south of Pebble Hill roundabout, opposite Knights Garden Centre.

It doesn’t matter if you think you are a bit rusty: there is no audition and you don’t even have to read music. If you’d like to hear more about this successful and thriving choir and/or are considering joining, please contact Katie Bell for more information.

  • Singing produces benefits and results that might surprise you.
  • For thousands of years, in all cultures, in all parts of the world, people have been singing.
  • Singing is in our genes and in human nature. The urge to sing – and to hear others sing – is in all of us.
  • Singing – like laughter, play, sunshine, countryside and exercise – helps underpin and maintain our well-being and happiness.

The main focus for the choir each Season is the Leith Hill Musical Festival in April.  We also perform each year at a Traditional Carol Service and enjoy a full and exciting year of choral singing and a wide range of lively social activities.

Our annual subscription is £150 which includes some of the cost of music hire and entry to the annual Leith Hill Musical Festival competition. Fees can be paid in instalments.  BBCS is a registered charity. For more info visit our website or call Pat Frankland on 01737 842028 or Barbara Leech on 01737 763795.